Oh, So You Want to Know about ME?

Well, I guess that’s not too much to ask.  You’ve probably guessed I’m a swimmer, so it would be pointless to say that again. Actually now I mostly just trip and injure myself. I’m pretty much the most uncoordinated person I know. Swimmers are also the coolest people alive, so I’ve gotta be a fun person, right? I’m a Cardinals fan, so I clearly have great taste. I listen to hipster music and I’m addicted to Netflix so I probably pretty much represent everything you hate. Or I’m the same exact person as you. I find there’s really not much in between. I also have this blog so I’m probably narcissistic and believe everyone has to hear what I’ve got to say. Well…sorta I guess. Or we could say I like to help others and want to encourage them and make them laugh… Yeah, let’s go with that one. It sounds better.


2 thoughts on “Oh, So You Want to Know about ME?

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