“And They Just Wont. Go. Away.”

Well, baseball is still over.

There have been some interesting developments, however.

The Mets have released Jason Bay. Which is a good thing for the Mets in theory, but players tend to do better after leaving them. *cough cough* Carlos Beltran *cough cough*

All the Mets fans

This jerk named Sandy trashed a bunch of people’s homes and left a bunch of people without power. This did nothing to stop the A-Rod jokes.

Guess they didn’t take this advice

The Astros decided a new look would be a good idea. They were wrong.

The designer should go back to the minors

All the Marlins up and went to the Blue Jays (well, almost), prompting more posts about this guy from the World Series:

Attention Stealer

It also revived all the jokes about the new park.

Whose idea was this thing, anyway?

And Mark McGwire goes to the Dodgers. It seems no one cares though, because the only response to this I’ve gotten is “ROIDS”.

We’ll be fine without ya

Sidenote: all these memes from facebook.com/TheMLBMemes

Oh yeah, there’s also a ton of awards being given out. So that’s a thing.

College basketball season has begun, let the sports rival fights begin.

In the mean time, please enjoy this video of the greatest moment ever.


Yes, yes, I do realize I have not posted about swimming in a while. Please accept the fact this is no longer exclusively a swimming blog.


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