Well, baseball is over for this year. It sure was a heckuva season.

The Giants need to thank the Cardinals for just handing over that series…


However, let’s take a moment to realize that baseball players turn into teenage girls when they’re happy. Seriously.

“OMG, guess what, I’m engaged! We must start planning”

“I haven’t seen you in like, forever, girlfriend!”

“You have a date to prom?! NO WAY! eeeee. *giggle* Let’s go dress shopping!”



“Oh my gosh, best birthday present ever! Totes bffls”

“I just got my nails done at this great little place”

“This party is just fabulous!”

“Let’s go to the mall!”

So now I guess football will take over…ick.

Come spring training, come quick!


Whaddya think?

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