Champs, The Olympics, and Adrenaline

This weekend I will be swimming in my summer league’s (lawls) championship meet.  Usually this event is held at the local state University. (I ADORE this pool. Having an exceptional team makes for super duper funding and facilities). However, due to an overhaul of the water system within the pool, we have had to move elsewhere. To an all boys high school/military academy. Yes, our space has been cut down from a 10 lane pool and warm up pool to a 8 lane pool with no warm up pool (or deck space for that matter). Oh joy. And did I mention it was an all boys school? Yep. That means women’s bathrooms with limited space and no stall walls (save us all). Now I’ve been to meets at this pool before, and it is quite manageable. For 3 high school sized teams. Not 17 club sized teams. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to this meet as much as I normally look forward to champs. However, spirit week has begun and I am trying to get excited! My team is looking to take its 22nd title in a row (eep, this is gonna be a close one).

However, this poses a serious predicament for me. The meet starts Friday morning and goes through Saturday night. Why is that so bad you ask? HELLO, the Olympics! Yes, they begin the same day. Thus I am thrust into a confusing world. However, through the wonders of the internet I am determined to soak up as much competition as possible. This is going to be one busy weekend. I absolutely love the Olympics. When else is swimming actually going to be aired on national TV?! (Oh the joys of a cable-less life)

Who am I looking forward to watching? So many swimmers. However, here are the ones I am most excited about:

Ryan Lochte


The 400 and 200 IMs versus Phelps are going to have me screaming my head off at the little box of a TV setting in front of me while jumping up and down and just generally disturbing the neighborhood peace. The greatest rivalry in the history of the sport (or any other sports) is about to come to a close. I’m rooting for Phelps in his other events since it will be his last Olympics (or so he says. He also vowed to never again swim the 400 IM. Poor Tyler Clary), however I will be rooting for Ryan all the way. It’s his time. And my goodness, have you SEEN his underwaters?! Perfection. I also am a fan of the way he conducts himself. He’s a genuinely good guy who cares about his fans and isn’t afraid to live a little  (Antics which have resulted in numerous injuries along the way) but can be serious when the time is right.

Missy Franklin

Looking good in that USA suit!

I am such a fan of this girl. She is a stupendous swimmer and exemplifies the huge amount of young talent in US swimming today. Going for a record number of female swimming medals in one Olympics and she’s only 17! I am so excited for her. I love the way she has handled herself under pressure and going about her normal high school life. Plus she can dance. What can’t she do?!

Plus, doesn’t she have the greatest smile ever? I wish I could look that good after a swim!


Others I look forward to cheering on include Rebecca Soni, Natalie Coughlin, and Elizabeth Beisel, Nathan Adrian, Jason Lezak, and Matt Grevers. So basically all of them? Lovin’ me some Olympics. Who are you looking forward to see?

So with all this excitement going on, I’ve been listening to pump up songs nonstop. Eye of the Tiger? Check. Final Countdown? Check. Jump? Check. What songs do you listen to to pump you up  before a big meet?

Adrenaline pumpin’ strong. Woohoo, let’s do this!


No half times, no timeouts, no substitutions, and you only get 1 shot for your goal. Swimming: because everything else is just a game. 


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