The One Piece Tan

So, as most of us all know (those few that don’t…whaddya live under a rock?), it’s the middle of the summer. Theoretically, by now, most normal folks have a nice ‘ol bikini tan.  Ha. Honey, I don’t even own a bikini. That’s right. I rock my one-piece tan with pride. Now granted, I’m still fairly pale (Hey, thanks coach for making practice before the sun rises and after the sun sets).

True Story

However, that one piece tan line is coming in mighty fine. Do I mind when I wear a shirt that makes those ever so attractive strap lines visible? Not at all! It distracts from my overly wide man shoulders (woohoo muscles). Over the years I have learned to embrace my one-piece tan. Hey, I’ve been sporting it since I was about 6.   It goes along nicely with my irritated eyes, swimmer’s bun and chlorine perfume.

Now I don’t have a twitter (yet. I’m fighting the urge as I think I would become obsessed and totally useless in any capacity), however I’ve done my fair share of looking at some great accounts. This one makes me laugh. At myself.  Story of my life.

and a great tumblr:

Happy One Piece Tanning! (If you happen to be in the pool when the sun is up, wear sunscreen. Melanoma is no joke; stay safe)


Quitters Don’t Swim. Swimmers Don’t Quit.


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