It’s Called a Swimmer’s Bun

Seen a top the head of an unusually tan and muscular person, dripping wet at a moments notice, the smell of chlorine wafts across the room straight from the source. A mess of chemicals and grease, haplessly piled at the crown, receives little attention from the person who sports the look. Perfected after years of practice, and created in mere seconds. Unnoticed and shunned by the rest of the world, this do has been gracing the heads of the coolest people in the entire world for centuries. Now stylists spend hours attempting to perfect this look atop models heads, struggling to perfect.  That’s right, we’re trendsetters. Only took a couple hundred years to catch on. That’s how progressive we are. Behold: the swimmer’s bun.

ahh, what glory! See this along with the smell of chlorine, and you’ve found a real keeper!

Drink it in. Caution, don’t look to long; pure awesomeness can be overwhelming.


If you’re dating a swimmer, raise your hand. If you’re not, raise your standards.


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